What We Can Repair

26 Apr 01:00 by


Prangs, dents, scuffs and scratches...

You'll be surprised at just how much car body damage our mobile technicians can put right.

We can repair most metalwork or plastic on a vehicle as long as the damage hasn't affected the vehicle mechanically or compromised the chassis or framework (dents are OK, crumpled rear ends aren't!)

Body repairs in less than a day

Our mobile repair technicians can repair damage of up to four panels on a vehicle and we aim to carry out the work to the customer's complete satisfaction in a day or less.

​Typical damage causes:

  • Another vehicle striking yours in a car park

  • Driving into another car

  • Hitting an inanimate object, such as a gatepost or wheelie bin

  • Reversing into a supermarket car park bollard

  • Vandalism such as 'keying'

  • Objects falling against the vehicle in a garage or whilst parked