Staff Testimonials

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Here are what some of our staff have to say about working for Autoglass® BodyRepair:

“I work with some great people and really enjoy my job.”

“A company is as good as the people in it. My colleagues and managers are very helpful in regards to support and dealing with others.”

“I like working for Autoglass® BodyRepair because it’s a constantly changing and growing business, no two days are the same and there’s a really exciting future ahead.”

“One of the biggest things I enjoy about being a Mobile Technician at Autoglass® BodyRepair is the freedom of working mobile, at different place every day. Job satisfaction is also second-to-none. I’ve always loved working on cars, however at Autoglass® BodyRepair you get to control the whole start-to-finish process of the job. This means right from collecting the keys to handing them back and seeing the customer’s amazement that we can repair their car right on their doorstep.”

“The most appealing thing is the development programme. I’ve repaired cars for 20 years now and I’m looking forward to progressing my career with Autoglass® BodyRepair.”